FREE Tokens Apart of Many new ICOs

Hey guys,

Wanted to talk about a topic a lot of cryptocurrency ICOs use – FREE Tokens to spread the word. Some of the current tokens that are in the top 100 of coin market caps, started off with giving out free tokens to spread the word. Had we participated in all of these free offerings, we could have made over $5,000 without investing a single penny!

New coins are still using this strategy and I wanted to spread to word on a couple current coins offering free tokens upon their release!

In order to sign up for these releases, you need to have a wallet to store them. Most of the new coins are on the Etherium network, so suggest heading over to MyEtherWallet and setting up a wallet to hold all of your free coins!

Here are some of the free offerings out now:

UPDATE: Also check out Hashzone – great new mining with FREE starting hash!


Digitex – Commision Free Bitcoin Futures Trading – sign up today (click the photo) and receive 1000 FREE tokens ($10)


Polymath – The Securities Token Platform



These are just a few of many initial airdrops where you can earn free tokens! Feel free to comment below with any upcoming free tokens that you know about so we can all share!

Clancy Crypto

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