Samsung Cashing in on Bitcoin Mining

Samsung to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze by manufacturing Bitcoin-mining ASIC chips Samsung are rumoured to be fabricating cryptocurrency mining ASIC chips for an unnamed Chinese distribution partner. Fear not, however, as gamers are expected to be left unscathed by this supposed crypto-mining deal. The news comes from Korean news outlet The Bell, who claim … Continue reading Samsung Cashing in on Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mass Adoption Incoming

Japanese Store Yamada Denki To Accept Bitcoin Payments Japan is one of the most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency friendly countries. It has been adopting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in different fields. Several enterprises are working with different cryptocurrencies and the Japanese Yen is the cryptocurrency that registers the most volume in the cryptocurrency market. On January the … Continue reading Bitcoin Mass Adoption Incoming

How long with USD Tether last?

Report Finds Correlation Between USDT Issuances and BTC Price Moves The Tether Report, a pseudonymously authored analysis examining the speculative assertion that bitcoin price volatility is highly correlated to the issuance of new USDT, has claimed that approximately 48.8% of bullish price movements have occurred within the two-hours immediately following ninety-one individual Tether grants. Pseudonymous … Continue reading How long with USD Tether last?

Cryptocurrency and Sports?

English soccer team Arsenal is entering the cryptocurrency world by signing a deal to promote new digital tokens being sold by an American gaming software company. California-based CashBet said on Wednesday that the Premier League club had agreed to become its "exclusive and official Blockchain Partner" ahead of the upcoming "initial coin offering" (ICO) of … Continue reading Cryptocurrency and Sports?

Putting the Plunge into Perspective

The cryptocurrency market has truly been something for investors and bystanders to marvel. Whereas a great year in traditional equities might entail a gain in value of around 10% (stocks historically average 7% a year, inclusive of dividend reinvestment), the aggregate market cap of all cryptocurrencies increased by more than 3,300% last year. Sure, this … Continue reading Putting the Plunge into Perspective

Canada – The Future of Bitcoin Mining

China has grown into one of the world’s most significant sources of cryptocurrency mining. But, it is cracking down on the sector due to concerns about excessive energy usage. Until recently, China’s bitcoin mining industry flourished, with the country’s cheap labour, inexpensive electricity and chip manufacturing capabilities. But with the latest directive, that the Chinese … Continue reading Canada – The Future of Bitcoin Mining

Binance: From ICO to the World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

A year ago, no one had heard of Binance. That’s because the cryptocurrency exchange — which is now the 376th-most popular website in the world. Binance Goes from ICO to World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange in Six Months Binance was bootstrapped through a July 2017 ICO that raised approximately $15 million, and its early user base … Continue reading Binance: From ICO to the World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange